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The Most Popular Trends in Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial plastic surgery continues to evolve. Many factors affect the plastic surgery industry at any time. Let’s look at some current trends amongst both plastic surgeons as well as consumers.

Today’s top facial plastic surgical trends include:

1) The days when faces were tight and pulled are long gone. In recent years, as surgeons have gained more knowledge about the ageing process, it is easier to comprehend the loss of fullness. People tend to put on weight, while losing fat from the face. When combined with the loss in facial volume (in the form of bone and muscle), this loss of face fat makes the appearance of the ageing facial skin. This varies according to the individual.

Plastic surgeons, using surgical or non-surgical procedures, can add volume to your face and achieve the most youthful and natural results.

Using non-invasive techniques in the clinic has become more common with modern technology. Patients who are looking to preserve their youthful looks can use these treatments to delay going under the knife.

Botox(r), Restylane[r], Juvederm[r], etc. are non-invasive cosmetic treatments that have been available only in the last decade. Some non-invasive treatments have little to no downtime. They can also help people look their best when performed correctly. And they cost much less than cosmetic surgeries.

3. Advanced surgical techniques. When it is needed, surgeons have advanced training.

Increased understanding of the anatomy and aging processes. This enables cutting-edge doctors to employ advanced techniques for better results that are more natural.

In general, the demand from consumers has led to an increase in cosmetic surgery procedures. The increased demand in recent years has helped innovation accelerate more quickly than before. In parallel with the increase in demand, there has been an increased number of doctors performing cosmetic procedures. The patient must research the doctor and make sure that they select one who has been certified by a board appropriate for the cosmetic procedure in question.

A growing number of men choose to have both non-surgical as well as surgical cosmetic procedures to make them look younger, and to remain competitive in their job markets. Men want to look better for their spouses and retirees wish to get rid of the stress-induced aesthetic effects. Often, when men see the amazing results that their wives get from plastic surgery, they want to do it too. Sometimes husbands get procedures together with their wife.