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Silver and gold: What is the Importance of Financial Education & Gold?

In these uncertain markets, it’s more important than ever for you to improve your financial education in order to create wealth. You can get the best rated gold IRA in this sites.

You know that gold and silver prices continue to climb regardless of rhetoric from Congress or the White House. As I type, gold is at an unprecedented high of $1293.5 and Silver at $21.20.

The US dollar’s weakness is the main reason these asset prices have risen. With an already huge $9 trillion deficit, we cannot continue to create trillions or trillions more dollars. Treasury bills have no returns and the stock market, which includes the housing market, is full of uncertainty. So what should someone do with their hard earned money?

You might be right! One of the strongest bull markets in history, a 10-year orderly sustained upward rise, gold investing continues outperforms all other asset classes. This has been true for the past 10+ years.

Does that mean that the gold and silver markets are at their peak? It’s impossible to know for certain. But, when you consider that the majority of people still don’t understand this market trend and its strong foundations, and that panic hasn’t yet set in, you can be the one to decide. The ads are beginning to go up and you can see why. But the media isn’t making much mention of it. Perhaps that’s because they don’t receive any commissions for recommending gold or silver, or mutual funds. Hmmm…)

CNBC, one the most prominent financial news networks has only recently begun acknowledging gold’s undeniable performance during the last decade. Alan Greenspan, too, has said that gold is the “canary” in the gold mine. This is a signal that the economy or dollar is in trouble. (Side Note: Greenspan, the original gold bug was killed by the Fed’s power – perhaps all those bubbles created to increase the price of Gold ?…)

So why is gold investing so important? Gold is the ultimate form of insurance. No matter what outcome of the inflation/deflation debate, or even if it is stagflation or hyper-inflationary, gold can help you keep your wealth in place where you might lose it.

People have started trading precious metals in order to make more, as silver and gold prices have increased over the past decade. The key thing is to treat the gold as savings. Place your money in Gold and forget about it. You should also keep an eye out for the overall market.

A button cannot be pressed to create gold. The true cost of bringing gold to market is high, and it is a scarce commodity. Our foreign trading partners are also abandoning the dollar. Bangladesh, for example, just purchased 10,000,000 ounces of Gold from the International Monetary Fund to increase their holdings to 13.3 million. This is a significant increase! This is quite remarkable considering that even Bangladesh doesn’t believe in the US dollar.