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Google Reviews: Can You Really Buy them?

Today, businesses are more reliant on online reviews. Review sites are heavily used by consumers to help them make buying decisions. Having a good online presence could be the difference between success and failure for any business. Many businesses are now buying Google reviews as a way to enhance their rankings and improve their reputation. See Previewstars for get more info.

Google Reviews What are they?

Google Reviews allows users to create content and share it with businesses. These reviews will appear in a company’s Google My Business profile and be visible to any searcher. Reviews can be a great way to learn about a company, its products, service, or customer care.

Why do Businesses buy Google Reviews from Google?

Google reviews can be bought for many reasons. First of all, positive reviews help boost the online reputation of a company and can attract new customers. An increased rating and positive reviews will make your business appear in Google searches, increasing website traffic.

A business may be under pressure from its competitors to get more positive reviews and ratings. By buying reviews, you can level the playing fields and make it appear that the company is equally popular or successful.

Why Are Google Reviews a Controversial Practice?

Google discourages this practice. Google’s review policies state that business owners should not give incentives for reviews. They should also refrain from buying or soliciting reviews. If you violate these guidelines, your Google My Business profile may be suspended or reviews removed.