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Carpet Stains – No-nonsense Advice

You should seriously think about deep cleaning your carpets if your goal is to keep your house clean and hygienic. Carpet Cleaners North Shore experts with many years of experience are well equipped to handle this difficult task. You will be well prepared with this advice.

Our first carpet stain secret discusses re-occurring spots. You know how many times you have seen stains return after cleaning them up. Because the stain was sticky or oily and could not be completely removed, or even wicked back. Carpet cleaning products are not the only options. Each stain needs to be treated individually. The pile of carpets can vary in material and style. The key is to find the best product to lift the stain.

We will also cover spots that may have faded or been bleached. This is dependent on both the type and content of the carpet fibre used. Spot-dyeing a small area with a professional carpet cleaner is possible, but this will not guarantee success. Experience and expertise are key factors in the outcome.

We will now discuss how to remove stains from tea, coffee, alcohol and other liquids. To remove any excess spillage, it is essential to wipe them off. Next, you should use detergent and vinegar to wash the stain from its outer edges. To make this mixture, mix one tablespoon white vinegar with one teaspoonful of mild detergent for washing woollens in half a cup of warm water. The excess should be blotted with white, dry clothes. You will need to rinse it with four parts white vinegar with water. Continue to dry the moistened area.

This is our fourth trade tip. It deals with staining that has been caused by sweets, alcohol, or soft drink. Use a blunt knife to clean up the excess. You will need to add one teaspoonful mild detergent and half a pint hot water. Next, you’ll continue working towards the inner edge. Dry the area and use an ammonia mixture consisting of one teaspoonful branded household ammonia, one cup of warm tap water. You should then rinse the area again to get the best results.

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