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Balance Your Feminine, Masculine and Sexual Energies

How relaxed, softened and surrendered are you today? It’s not very. I can hear you.

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Then, there is the Catch 22. Female energy, which is the best way to rejuvenate women, is what most women fear will leave them weak and unable to do as much.

A surprising twist on women’s views of femininity comes from the fact that even though women may love the idea and feel empowered by it, when they are stressed, their default mode is still masculine energy.

Balance your feminine and masculine energy is an important concept in defining women’s success.

Your feminine energy is the place where creativity, your intuition and your feelings live. Your masculine energie is your concrete, logical linear, task-oriented and structured way to be in the world.

It is important to maintain a balance between these energies. This will allow you to create wealth and fulfill your purpose.

So often, I see women doing the pendulum swing. They either put too much of their masculine energy into becoming a man or stay in the abstract and concentrate all their efforts on the feminine side, never achieving their goals.

The best way to develop your femininity is to use:

Make it clear that you are expressing your desire.


Stating “here’s my wish–but I don’t know how to make it happen, so why bother?”

They have a vast difference. The first statement opens you to a whole new world of possibilities. It’s an unknown option, and the real power of this statement is trusting the unknown.

The second statement stops you from moving forward before you even attempt.

I can’t emphasize this enough. Most women fail because they are unable to follow through with an idea.

The way will show up, and your way will also appear. However, it will take time to unleash your true self and find your way. There will be doubts. But that’s part to becoming great. You can let yourself learn from your mistakes and trust that your goals will be met.

Your femininity will be the foundation on which you can succeed.

o Being rooted in your own body. Be aware and present with your emotions.

o Breathing: Slower and more trusting of your intuition

Your starting place should be the place of your desire. Next, you can use your masculine energies to realize your dreams and manifest them in the world. We need the masculine framework to safeguard and support our feminine creativity, musings and energy.

One great way to combine your masculine, feminine energy is to imagine water in a vase full of beautiful flowers. Your feminine energy feels fluid and soft, just like water. It does however require the vase as a container. In its concrete, tangible form, and providing structure, the vase is representative your masculine energies.