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How The Internet Changed The Music Industry

The changes in the music industry during the last 15 year is remarkable go here. The internet’s entrance onto the music industry has changed how music is bought, promoted and shared. It’s not just the speed at which these changes are happening, but also how deep they are. As soon as new technologies and methods are officially adopted, they quickly become obsolete. It is here to stay, no matter what you think, and it has forever changed the music industry.

Music sales are declining. They have to rethink how they sell music and adopt a larger vision. The mp3 makes it possible to buy music from the comfort of your couch or bed. CDs could become extinct in the very near future. No more buying albums with only 3 or 4 songs. The rest of the album is either tolerable or completely ignored. You only need to buy the songs you love. This has led to a drop in revenue for artists and record companies. The guarantee of selling an entire album is no longer valid. In order to increase profits, more emphasis is being placed on the promotion and release of singles.

How artists get exposure. The internet gave artists unprecedented ability to market themselves and their products with unparalleled efficiency. It’s much easier than organizing gigs and spending the time to load an mp3 file onto MySpace. This is not only a huge advantage, but it also means that instead of having to perform their song to 50 people in a small club, the song is available instantly to millions of potential listeners around the globe at the touch of a mouse. It’s common to find bands that have significant income and are enjoying a substantial fan base, but no record deal. It is common for artists to interact with their fans more often, which increases the influence of sales.
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