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Make love on a yacht

A couple of years back, I was thrilled when a long-lost customer called me from Washington. On a flight, he was reading Boat International and noticed that I’d left my previous brokerage to work for Camper & Nicholsons. He had asked me to liquidate his fleet of yachts ranging from 88′ – 112′, as soon as the global recession started. Recognizing that these assets would lose value quickly, he knew that by selling them quickly he could survive and prosper in the turbulent times to come. He told me that he had returned to the market, and he wanted me to find him his next yacht. Read more now yacht provisioning mallorca

But there was a little problem. Due to the rapid growth of his business, he decided to hire someone to manage all his acquisitions: planes, boats, businesses and property.

This “somebody”, was a accountant.

Now, I don’t have anything against accountants. The accountants do a job we find boring and tedious. Good accountants can save companies a lot of money by providing up-to-date advice and smart tax planning. A yacht purchase is one such decision that an accountant shouldn’t be involved in.

My mother would be more likely to ask for help in finding a girlfriend than I would invite my accountant along to a Boat Show. Or, an accountant could assist with a yacht purchase. I would totally overlook fundamental traits like a curvaceous figure, a sexy grin, or how much she enjoys a date in favor of less important qualities such as reliability, durability, and… um… a 2-year warranty. A woman will base her decision on logic and thought, while a man will base it on passion and feelings. My friend once told me his mother cried when he brought his girlfriend to her because she didn’t care for her. It’s strange – my client’s account had the exact same reaction when I told him the running costs for a 46 meter boat!

This raises an interesting question: “Why do wealthy people buy yachts?” How can a man, who has spent years honing his enviable skill to make money and avoid losses, suddenly buy an object that does the opposite?

This topic was brought up with a yacht-owner over a decade earlier, when I worked at the Ferretti Custom Line shipyard as Sales Manager. The client was insatiable when it came to negotiating the price for every change order. He clearly believed that cost control was just as important as profit. Over dinner, the client talked about his hard work to achieve wealth. He said that he didn’t spend money on anything without careful consideration. I asked him what “due diligence” he had used to buy a superyacht knowing that its annual operating costs would have funded a small coup.

Although I am not very diplomatic, I had to ask.

The client smiled. David, he replied, “you can’t even imagine.” “Everything you do is better on a boat.” I eat and sleep on a boat, the food is better. David said, as his grin spread, “Sex.” Is so much better. On a yacht”.

A year or two after this conversation, I had the opportunity to test these remarks when, out of sheer generosity, another client invited to me to spend a week on his 100′ yacht. In order to be clear, and knowing that my wife is likely to read this article I will add, “Yes.” This was the first week we spent together in Mallorca.”

If we measure the quality of time in the same way that we measure the quality of food and beverage, then “yacht time” is an acorn fed Iberic Pata Negra, it’s shavings of Italian white truffle from Alba on plated of the finest pasta, or if you have small children, perhaps in the living room. If we can measure time in the same manner as we do food and drink, then “yacht” time is an acorn fed Iberic Pata Negra on top of a plate of pasta with shavings of white truffle from Alba, or a dish of Danish Oysters with a chilled Chablis. It is an experience that is so intensely satisfying that, for those few moments, nothing else matters. No problems arise. There are no difficulties. You are in the moment with your loved ones, happy and content.

One yacht owner described his grandfather as a man of great character who started his business from a shed in his garden and grew it into a huge empire that employed over 50,000. He said that the family owned spectacular properties around the world, and they stayed in some of the best hotels on earth. Yet, the only time he saw his Grandfather relax was when he was on his yacht.

When talking with the families of CEOs or business owners who are driven, this is a common theme. The families of highly driven CEOs and business owners never unplug completely from their work, whether they are in their city homes, their country houses, their Malibu Beach House, or even a Burj Al-Arab penthouse. They do relax, however, on their yacht. After a week of not answering their phones and a second week without checking their email, they finally get into “yacht-time”. The stress levels drop, the priorities are re-established, the food tastes better, the sleep is deeper and all of life’s greatest pleasures become more intense.

Herein lies the key to unlocking the disciplined grip that high-net-worth individuals maintain on their spending. Success in business and financial rewards can be exhilarating. They leave a legacy for future generations and provide work for accountants. This lifestyle is frantic and intense, but it needs to be balanced. A pressure valve can bring life’s PSI down to a comfortable level. The yacht is not an expensive luxury, but rather a necessity to enhance their lives and receive a return that cannot be measured by currency or stock values.

Reduce Cancer Risk by Two-thirds By Eating Delicious Mussels!

A study by The University of Western Australia, Perth found that eating mushrooms every day could reduce the risk of breast cancer by almost two thirds. The study was conducted in China and involved more than 2000 women. Half of them had breast cancer. Read more now on soulcybin scam

Researchers found that women who consumed a third of a ounce of mushrooms each day reduced their risk of tumor development by 64%. The benefits of dried mushrooms were not quite as great, but they still lowered the risk by “around half.” In addition, the study found that women who consumed green tea daily, along with fresh mushrooms every day, had a 90% reduction in their risk. The Telegraph reported this study from 2009 and said that animal testing showed mushrooms to have “anti-tumor qualities” and could stimulate the immune system. The mushrooms may do this by inhibiting “the body’s oestrogen production, which can promote the development of cancer.”

According to a study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a vegetarian diet provides “a variety of cancer protective dietary factors.” A vegetarian diet reduces obesity. The author of this study notes that obesity increases the risk of cancer, and because vegans have a lower Body Mass Index (BMI), a plant-based lifestyle “may be able to reduce cancer risk.” The mushrooms are low-calorie and 80-90% are water. This makes them an excellent substitute for meat if you are trying to reduce calories.

The immune system has been shown to benefit from mushrooms. They are earthy, dense, and smooth fungi that come in thousands of different varieties. Most of them contain potassium, selenium and copper. One medium Portobello has more potassium per ounce than a small fruit banana. Five medium Cremini mushrooms contain more selenium per ounce than three ounces lean beef or a large yolk. Copper in mushrooms is also important for the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen around your body. Mushrooms contain antioxidants such as selenium, polyphenols and ergothioneine. Ergothioneine, a sulfur-containing amino acid and master antioxidant is an excellent source of this antioxidant. Sulfur, a very important nutrient is often overlooked.

You should not pick mushrooms in the wild. There are thousands of poisonous varieties. Buy them only from a reputable and reliable supplier. You should look for smooth, clean and fresh-looking mushrooms. Use a wet paper towel or soft mushroom brush to clean any areas that appear dirty or mushy. Rinse them but don’t soak them. You can keep them in their original container, refrigerated until you are ready to use. In a paper bag with holes, they can last up to one week in the fridge. Never put them in an airtight container or freeze them. Trim the end of the mushroom stem before using it. Use the caps if the stems are too hard.

It’s easy to add mushrooms to your favorite dishes. Slice them thinly for sandwiches, salads, pasta, or sandwich fillings. You can also serve them as an accompaniment. It’s always good to grill them, and they make a healthy and tasty alternative to a hamburger. Sautéing them with butter and onions brings out their rich flavor. Try different types of mushrooms to discover their unique flavors.

You Can Easily Hire Moving Services

Plan to move in a new home? Have you hired professional moving service? Moving services that are rented can make moving easier. How do I get such services? The services you need are easily accessible and available in many ways. Learn how you can get it.

Movers who are reputable and recognized:

You should contact well-known facilities for the services you require. This is also true for moving companies. Their offices are open for you to visit. Also, you can visit companies that offer rental moving services. You can easily find these services, and they are very beneficial. They are well known to provide high-quality service.

What about taking a stroll around your locality?

You would not go through great efforts to get something you want from a far-away shop if it was available in your local store. No. It’s the same with moving services. Many services are available locally, so there’s no need to travel far. Right now, there is no need to panic. You can find them in all areas. It is a great way to save time as well as effort.

Share your thoughts and ideas.

Then, you can ask your colleagues or friends for help. They are very practical, and they can assist you with any issue. They can help if they know about these services and if you are willing to hire them. With their help, you can easily find reliable and valuable moving services.

Online Moving Services

Internet offers solutions for all your issues. Internet is a great way to locate movers and moving companies. Sites covering this topic are in thousands. These service providers can be found by searching for them and their brief details. Their websites will provide you with information about the services they offer and their prices. Online, you can easily find and hire a moving company.

Google Reviews: Can You Really Buy them?

Today, businesses are more reliant on online reviews. Review sites are heavily used by consumers to help them make buying decisions. Having a good online presence could be the difference between success and failure for any business. Many businesses are now buying Google reviews as a way to enhance their rankings and improve their reputation. See Previewstars for get more info.

Google Reviews What are they?

Google Reviews allows users to create content and share it with businesses. These reviews will appear in a company’s Google My Business profile and be visible to any searcher. Reviews can be a great way to learn about a company, its products, service, or customer care.

Why do Businesses buy Google Reviews from Google?

Google reviews can be bought for many reasons. First of all, positive reviews help boost the online reputation of a company and can attract new customers. An increased rating and positive reviews will make your business appear in Google searches, increasing website traffic.

A business may be under pressure from its competitors to get more positive reviews and ratings. By buying reviews, you can level the playing fields and make it appear that the company is equally popular or successful.

Why Are Google Reviews a Controversial Practice?

Google discourages this practice. Google’s review policies state that business owners should not give incentives for reviews. They should also refrain from buying or soliciting reviews. If you violate these guidelines, your Google My Business profile may be suspended or reviews removed.

The Most Popular Trends in Facial Plastic Surgery

Facial plastic surgery continues to evolve. Many factors affect the plastic surgery industry at any time. Let’s look at some current trends amongst both plastic surgeons as well as consumers.

Today’s top facial plastic surgical trends include:

1) The days when faces were tight and pulled are long gone. In recent years, as surgeons have gained more knowledge about the ageing process, it is easier to comprehend the loss of fullness. People tend to put on weight, while losing fat from the face. When combined with the loss in facial volume (in the form of bone and muscle), this loss of face fat makes the appearance of the ageing facial skin. This varies according to the individual.

Plastic surgeons, using surgical or non-surgical procedures, can add volume to your face and achieve the most youthful and natural results.

Using non-invasive techniques in the clinic has become more common with modern technology. Patients who are looking to preserve their youthful looks can use these treatments to delay going under the knife.

Botox(r), Restylane[r], Juvederm[r], etc. are non-invasive cosmetic treatments that have been available only in the last decade. Some non-invasive treatments have little to no downtime. They can also help people look their best when performed correctly. And they cost much less than cosmetic surgeries.

3. Advanced surgical techniques. When it is needed, surgeons have advanced training.

Increased understanding of the anatomy and aging processes. This enables cutting-edge doctors to employ advanced techniques for better results that are more natural.

In general, the demand from consumers has led to an increase in cosmetic surgery procedures. The increased demand in recent years has helped innovation accelerate more quickly than before. In parallel with the increase in demand, there has been an increased number of doctors performing cosmetic procedures. The patient must research the doctor and make sure that they select one who has been certified by a board appropriate for the cosmetic procedure in question.

A growing number of men choose to have both non-surgical as well as surgical cosmetic procedures to make them look younger, and to remain competitive in their job markets. Men want to look better for their spouses and retirees wish to get rid of the stress-induced aesthetic effects. Often, when men see the amazing results that their wives get from plastic surgery, they want to do it too. Sometimes husbands get procedures together with their wife.

How to choose a Commercial Roofing Company

Roofing and roof repair for commercial buildings can cost a lot. To ensure you are investing in an investment that will last, it’s essential to select a reliable company. You should take into consideration several factors when choosing a new company for commercial roofing. You can see hinesville rooftop for more information.

The company must conduct thorough inspections. Is your commercial roofing contractor providing a comprehensive roof evaluation, including a detailed investigation? If you want to ensure your roof is free of leaks for the next few years, you need to hire a company who understands all aspects of roofing.

Are there clear communication and project processes? Have you ever worked with a contractor who left you wondering about the status of your project? If so, then you know how important good communication and project management are. Find a roofing company that emphasizes collaboration and communication throughout the entire project, from pre-construction to post-construction. You should ask them to tell you about their process of communication so you are sure they really have one.

What other people say about your company? You should look for a commercial roofing or roof repair company that is well-known and has an outstanding reputation. Visit the company’s website and check if any awards have been won recently. Also, look for testimonials that show the work they do.

Uses it superior products with a high life-span? Does your potential contractor use premium products? They offer warranties and promise a certain life span for the work they do. Consider that the US average flat-roof life span is 13.4 yeas. So, you want to choose a firm that not only offers value, but that also provides a sustainable solution.

Do you believe that great customer service is a core company value? Do a deeper dive and inquire about the customer service quality provided by your potential contractor. Ask them if they guarantee emergency response times. Can they respond to an urgent roof leak in a matter of hours? It is also possible to request testimonials from clients about the quality of customer service.

Private Developers Build Stunning Luxury Executive Condominiums

There is a heated debate about executive condominiums and flats. They are preferred by most citizens and, in many cases, because of all the amenities they have available to them. One of the main features that Executive Condominiums have is their pool. Aside from the fact that living in an Executive condominium is considered a sign of status and elegance, more people opt for it. Visit our website and learn more about Altura EC showflat.

While there may be some disadvantages to Executive Condominiums they are far outweighed by the benefits. They are so popular that it should tell you something. Despite restrictions and other limitations, new developments are popping up everywhere. In the way that executive condominiums house multiple units, we can be grateful for someone bringing some sense to this crazy world. There are different sizes available to suit the demands of couples, families, and singles. Here is housing which makes perfect sense.

What are Executive condos HTML1?

For you to be able appreciate what they’re about, it’s important that you know their definition. It is the class of flats called sandwich, and can include mansionettes. HBD can be compared to a subway system for the sandwich property developers.

They are built just like a regular condominium. The projects are often carried out by private developers. Executive condos are similar to regular condominiums except that the lease term is 99 years instead of freehold. It is important to know that, as with standard condos you may be eligible for a housing subsidy.

Executive Condominiums: What does it look like?

These Executive Condominium buildings are usually iconic and stand out from the surrounding areas. Private developers are usually responsible for the majority of projects. This means that the condominiums are well designed and constructed. The entire project is often a team effort, with designers and developers working together to meet every need.

The design of these establishments can vary. For example, there are some that have multiple storeys. Towers can be found in some places, but also bungalows and half detached houses. The variety of options available allows one to easily choose the unit which best suits their requirements.

How The Internet Changed The Music Industry

The changes in the music industry during the last 15 year is remarkable go here. The internet’s entrance onto the music industry has changed how music is bought, promoted and shared. It’s not just the speed at which these changes are happening, but also how deep they are. As soon as new technologies and methods are officially adopted, they quickly become obsolete. It is here to stay, no matter what you think, and it has forever changed the music industry.

Music sales are declining. They have to rethink how they sell music and adopt a larger vision. The mp3 makes it possible to buy music from the comfort of your couch or bed. CDs could become extinct in the very near future. No more buying albums with only 3 or 4 songs. The rest of the album is either tolerable or completely ignored. You only need to buy the songs you love. This has led to a drop in revenue for artists and record companies. The guarantee of selling an entire album is no longer valid. In order to increase profits, more emphasis is being placed on the promotion and release of singles.

How artists get exposure. The internet gave artists unprecedented ability to market themselves and their products with unparalleled efficiency. It’s much easier than organizing gigs and spending the time to load an mp3 file onto MySpace. This is not only a huge advantage, but it also means that instead of having to perform their song to 50 people in a small club, the song is available instantly to millions of potential listeners around the globe at the touch of a mouse. It’s common to find bands that have significant income and are enjoying a substantial fan base, but no record deal. It is common for artists to interact with their fans more often, which increases the influence of sales.
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